Our Island

by littlebookids on May 4, 2019

Garbage problem is REAL here in the island, which need NOW solution and action. No more point finger of whose fault ... whose responsibility. Just ask yourself have you done something to reduce the problem! Let's start from ourself NOW! We live in consumtive world, ourself need to shop wisely. Myself more and more conscious now about what my choice will effect nature life. 

In my kitchen no more I have plastic straws, instead now we use bamboo straws. I recycle glass jam jars use it as sugar, salt, spices containers. I bring my basket bag to the morning market and some containers to keep fish and meats that I buy. 

In my little business I only use natural fiber fabrics, use every scraps of fabrics into headbands, buttons and donate it to our dolls maker. 

I really wish that big industrial commercial food companies start find solution for their packaging that more sustainable, can be recycle, safe and not cost our earth. 

I know that talking and discussion more easy then do. Face it! take action. Please don't wait start NOW from yourself, from your little family educate ourself so we can proudly pass down this beautiful island to our children and our grand children. 

As a mother I educate my children that our life is so depend to nature , look after them well with love and respect. In our house day by day we try to reduce every single plastic bag, plastic wraps, plastic bottles. As business owner I am more and more consious to find sustainable handmade products and local makers supplies into my little shop.


Island Mama: Pick me up drinks!

by littlebookids on Feb 11, 2019

Jamu is traditional Indonesian medicine, predominantly made from natural ingredients including roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. My favorite is tumeric jamu. My favorite is turmeric jamu, balance taste of turmeric, tamarind, lime and palm sugar, I love it. I prefer to drink it cold, especially in hot summer day, when you drink cold turmeric jamu just so refreshing. Turmeric jamu just so good for you for its health benefis.

Fresh young coconut water, absolutely my favorite. I have been so lucky living in an island which you can just have fresh coconut water in anytime. I should not take this for granted, in western country fresh coconut water must be such luxury. In hot day always can refesh you, the health benefits is goof for your body.

Coffee, a MUST! a pick me up ... a good quality coffee can take you long way. 

This 3 drinks are pick me up! kinda drinks for me, give me a feeling that I can go thru everything. I am so much lucky that I have the access to ge it quaite easy here in the island of Bali.

Island Kids: shower under tropical rain

by littlebookids on Jan 9, 2019

Rain! Don't you just love rain. 
When I was a child my mother not allowed me to play in the rain, simply just don't want me to get sick. My mom not always could keep me away from the fun of play in the rain. When I was at school, my school usually flood from the heavy rain, we just walked thru the rain-soaking wet and barefoot (keep shoes in plastic bag to keep it dry)-happy taste the warm tropical rain pouring on you, sometimes I used banana leaf as umbrella but you know I preferred not too... way more fun get soaking wet.
My mum will straight make boil water for me so I can shower and wash my hair with warm water. She then applied ecalyptus oil all over my body, hmmmm love the smell of it, gave a feeling of warm. Then I would drink sweet warm tea.

Now, I am a mother myself. I became my mother, sometimes I don't let my children to play in the rain ...  while I know when I was a child myself I loved playing in the rain. But, when my children ask "pretty please" to dancing under the rain... I just let them to do it of course I will tell them wearing their raincoat and boots... and they said "NO" they just want to get wet.. soaking wet ... splashing ..laughing..dancing.

There is no harm at all actually to let your children to dancing under the rain sometimes for 10-15 minutes. After they play, warm shower, wash hair and apply ecalyptus oil, that what I do for my children as my mom did to me. Then sweet warm tea.

My children will have the memory of joy dancing under the rain as I do too.

Being an island kids shower under tropical rain is a must fun play to do, make you get closer to nature and appriciate them. Being a mom, offcourse I won't let my children to do it if it is not safe for their health.

I love the smell of first drop on the soil... warm tropical rain xxx

self memory,
Mama Dessy

Article: Best Bali Kids Designers

by littlebookids on Apr 8, 2018

I woke up one morning with a happy message in my Little Boo Kids facebook page. Lovely surprise that www.littlestepsasia.com include Little Boo Kids in their article as one of Best Bali Kids Designers. I am very happy and proud of myself, proud of my little team "Yes, we made it into the list" the fruit of our hardwork and love. 

I told my daughter straight away, since Little Boo Kids is inspired by her, she's thrill and happy, the look of her eyes make me thinking that I do the right thing. 

I want to include you to celebrate with our little family Little Boo Kids. Please browse the article as attached link here;


one super happy mom ;-) 

Dessy Widma

Mommy and Children

by littlebookids on Jan 29, 2018

To all moms who are stayin at home moms, working moms from home or moms who works 9am-5pm schedule, I believe there is something in common between you and me.

I am a proud mother of two beautiful children. I always know one day I want to have children what I don't know is how to raise children and what to aspect. Now, I can 100% say my mom is right most of the time.ha..ha..ha.. there is no handbook about how to raise your own children, in my case thank God I have my mom to help and guide me a long the journey  andl I have a loving, caring and patient husband beside me walk together in this being parent journey.

I love my children so much. I love working as well. I quit my 9 to 5 job once I have my first daughter, I devoted myself to be with her during her golden age. I am very greatful that I watched her grow and always with her, my baby. Seen I love working, I cannot lie to myself that I can go on without working or earn by myself. I love being mother, it is the highest achivement in my life. After lots of discussion, I decided to work from home so I can still watch my children, then Little Boo Kids born, I work arround my baby clock. It was scary and mindblowing to start a business of my own but it is possible and you can do it. I am a passionate person so anything I do is truly with joyful heart.

Being a mom is magical. You have your moments, up and down and it is never the same. I keep telling myself enjoy being mom, love your time with them because one day you probably forget some moments and they grown up. I love my babies, for them they don't remember yesterday (for my baby toddler) and they don't know what is future. What important for them is now, today, present time. Since being a mommy I know how to be thankful and appriciated time that given because it is the most amazing present.

I am a proud mommy of 2 beautiful children and a humble passionate business owner of Little Boo Kids. X

With Love,

this is for my babies Abigail and Andrew, mommy love you with all my heart 

Beach Time

by littlebookids on Jan 17, 2018

Why do we have to wait weekend or holiday to go to the beach?

We have a priveleged our home is close to the beach, very greatful! Sanur beach where we can see beautiful sunrise, white sands and calm beach most of the time where we can swim and play.

My kids love the beach, it is their happy place where they can explore, running arround, swim, collect shells and build sand castle (nor that we ever make great sand castle ;)

To be honest I love the beach too (when it's not rain). Sanur beach for me is the perfect place to take your toddler to play and hang out. My 2,5 y.o son LOVE the beach ... literally as soon as you mention the word BEACH..he will just jump ask me to get his beach toys and drag me to my motor bike ..just wanna go straight away.

I always bring sand toys to beach very handy, towel, change clothes, hat, bottle of water, little box of milk and my toddler favorite snack incase he doesn't like the food at the cafe.

Last Wednesday, me and my baby boy went to the beach for breakfast palaydate.
It was so much FUN, the beach was much quiter (since not weekend). We played, splashed and run arround. We had breakfast till lunch at the beach. LOVE IT HAPPY DAY!

So dont wait till holiday or weekend to go to  the beach take your toddler eventhou for an hour or so, trust me they will have Fun and Learn something exciting. 

Little Boo's mom


Kite Season

by littlebookids on Aug 23, 2017

The month of August is the best month here in The island of God Bali. Temperature just perfect with a fresh breeze from ocean just a paradise of the tropical island. 

August is the best time to fly kites...thats why we call it KITE SEASON. The blue sky celebrate  the diferent shape of kites and colors.... Love It! 

Everytime my 2 years old son look up to the sky he will scream 'kites..kite..kites..' very exciting and he have one kite too ;)

My beautiful daughter will put on her cool Watermelon caftan by Little Boo Kids..just perfect for Kite Season.

Kite Season is the best season to put on light cool summer clothes for you beautiful moms and off course for your little boos.

Enjoy your Kite Season here in Bali ..walk down to the beach, feel the sands on your bare foot, have a dip into warm sea water, PLAY with your beautiful little cheeky love ones. FLY your KITE high into blue sky...trust me so much FUN! and make beautiful memory. It feels everyday is HOLIDAY here in Bali. (DP)