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Kite Season

by littlebookids on Aug 23, 2017

The month of August is the best month here in The island of God Bali. Temperature just perfect with a fresh breeze from ocean just a paradise of the tropical island. 

August is the best time to fly kites...thats why we call it KITE SEASON. The blue sky celebrate  the diferent shape of kites and colors.... Love It! 

Everytime my 2 years old son look up to the sky he will scream 'kites..kite..kites..' very exciting and he have one kite too ;)

My beautiful daughter will put on her cool Watermelon caftan by Little Boo Kids..just perfect for Kite Season.

Kite Season is the best season to put on light cool summer clothes for you beautiful moms and off course for your little boos.

Enjoy your Kite Season here in Bali ..walk down to the beach, feel the sands on your bare foot, have a dip into warm sea water, PLAY with your beautiful little cheeky love ones. FLY your KITE high into blue me so much FUN! and make beautiful memory. It feels everyday is HOLIDAY here in Bali. (DP)