Beach Time

by littlebookids on Jan 17, 2018

Why do we have to wait weekend or holiday to go to the beach?

We have a priveleged our home is close to the beach, very greatful! Sanur beach where we can see beautiful sunrise, white sands and calm beach most of the time where we can swim and play.

My kids love the beach, it is their happy place where they can explore, running arround, swim, collect shells and build sand castle (nor that we ever make great sand castle ;)

To be honest I love the beach too (when it's not rain). Sanur beach for me is the perfect place to take your toddler to play and hang out. My 2,5 y.o son LOVE the beach ... literally as soon as you mention the word BEACH..he will just jump ask me to get his beach toys and drag me to my motor bike ..just wanna go straight away.

I always bring sand toys to beach very handy, towel, change clothes, hat, bottle of water, little box of milk and my toddler favorite snack incase he doesn't like the food at the cafe.

Last Wednesday, me and my baby boy went to the beach for breakfast palaydate.
It was so much FUN, the beach was much quiter (since not weekend). We played, splashed and run arround. We had breakfast till lunch at the beach. LOVE IT HAPPY DAY!

So dont wait till holiday or weekend to go to  the beach take your toddler eventhou for an hour or so, trust me they will have Fun and Learn something exciting. 

Little Boo's mom