Mommy and Children

by littlebookids on Jan 29, 2018

To all moms who are stayin at home moms, working moms from home or moms who works 9am-5pm schedule, I believe there is something in common between you and me.

I am a proud mother of two beautiful children. I always know one day I want to have children what I don't know is how to raise children and what to aspect. Now, I can 100% say my mom is right most of the time.ha..ha..ha.. there is no handbook about how to raise your own children, in my case thank God I have my mom to help and guide me a long the journey  andl I have a loving, caring and patient husband beside me walk together in this being parent journey.

I love my children so much. I love working as well. I quit my 9 to 5 job once I have my first daughter, I devoted myself to be with her during her golden age. I am very greatful that I watched her grow and always with her, my baby. Seen I love working, I cannot lie to myself that I can go on without working or earn by myself. I love being mother, it is the highest achivement in my life. After lots of discussion, I decided to work from home so I can still watch my children, then Little Boo Kids born, I work arround my baby clock. It was scary and mindblowing to start a business of my own but it is possible and you can do it. I am a passionate person so anything I do is truly with joyful heart.

Being a mom is magical. You have your moments, up and down and it is never the same. I keep telling myself enjoy being mom, love your time with them because one day you probably forget some moments and they grown up. I love my babies, for them they don't remember yesterday (for my baby toddler) and they don't know what is future. What important for them is now, today, present time. Since being a mommy I know how to be thankful and appriciated time that given because it is the most amazing present.

I am a proud mommy of 2 beautiful children and a humble passionate business owner of Little Boo Kids. X

With Love,

this is for my babies Abigail and Andrew, mommy love you with all my heart