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Island Kids: shower under tropical rain

by littlebookids on Jan 9, 2019

Rain! Don't you just love rain. 
When I was a child my mother not allowed me to play in the rain, simply just don't want me to get sick. My mom not always could keep me away from the fun of play in the rain. When I was at school, my school usually flood from the heavy rain, we just walked thru the rain-soaking wet and barefoot (keep shoes in plastic bag to keep it dry)-happy taste the warm tropical rain pouring on you, sometimes I used banana leaf as umbrella but you know I preferred not too... way more fun get soaking wet.
My mum will straight make boil water for me so I can shower and wash my hair with warm water. She then applied ecalyptus oil all over my body, hmmmm love the smell of it, gave a feeling of warm. Then I would drink sweet warm tea.

Now, I am a mother myself. I became my mother, sometimes I don't let my children to play in the rain ...  while I know when I was a child myself I loved playing in the rain. But, when my children ask "pretty please" to dancing under the rain... I just let them to do it of course I will tell them wearing their raincoat and boots... and they said "NO" they just want to get wet.. soaking wet ... splashing ..laughing..dancing.

There is no harm at all actually to let your children to dancing under the rain sometimes for 10-15 minutes. After they play, warm shower, wash hair and apply ecalyptus oil, that what I do for my children as my mom did to me. Then sweet warm tea.

My children will have the memory of joy dancing under the rain as I do too.

Being an island kids shower under tropical rain is a must fun play to do, make you get closer to nature and appriciate them. Being a mom, offcourse I won't let my children to do it if it is not safe for their health.

I love the smell of first drop on the soil... warm tropical rain xxx

self memory,
Mama Dessy