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Our Island

by littlebookids on May 4, 2019

Garbage problem is REAL here in the island, which need NOW solution and action. No more point finger of whose fault ... whose responsibility. Just ask yourself have you done something to reduce the problem! Let's start from ourself NOW! We live in consumtive world, ourself need to shop wisely. Myself more and more conscious now about what my choice will effect nature life. 

In my kitchen no more I have plastic straws, instead now we use bamboo straws. I recycle glass jam jars use it as sugar, salt, spices containers. I bring my basket bag to the morning market and some containers to keep fish and meats that I buy. 

In my little business I only use natural fiber fabrics, use every scraps of fabrics into headbands, buttons and donate it to our dolls maker. 

I really wish that big industrial commercial food companies start find solution for their packaging that more sustainable, can be recycle, safe and not cost our earth. 

I know that talking and discussion more easy then do. Face it! take action. Please don't wait start NOW from yourself, from your little family educate ourself so we can proudly pass down this beautiful island to our children and our grand children. 

As a mother I educate my children that our life is so depend to nature , look after them well with love and respect. In our house day by day we try to reduce every single plastic bag, plastic wraps, plastic bottles. As business owner I am more and more consious to find sustainable handmade products and local makers supplies into my little shop.